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The Last Rite Logo Gift Wrapping Paper - Unwrap the Horror of the Holidays

The Last Rite Logo Gift Wrapping Paper - Unwrap the Horror of the Holidays

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Dare to make your gifts truly unforgettable this holiday season with our Last Rite Logo Gift Wrapping Paper. This sinisterly stunning wrapping paper set includes three sheets, each adorned with the eerie Last Rite logo, rising ominously from a backdrop of burning embers. It's the perfect choice for horror enthusiasts looking to add a spine-tingling twist to their gift-giving experience.


Spine-Chilling Dimensions: Measuring at 28.75″ × 19.75″ (73 × 50.2 cm), these sheets are spacious enough to conceal all your mysterious surprises while ensuring a bone-chilling presentation.

Top-Notch Quality: Crafted from 70# uncoated text paper, this gift wrapping paper is built to withstand the most cryptic and unsettling gift reveals.

Ghoulishly Unique: The Last Rite logo print commands attention, setting the stage for an unforgettable unwrapping experience that your loved ones won't soon forget.

Double-Sided Design: The eerie logo graces one side of each sheet, while the reverse side remains hauntingly white, providing an eerie contrast for your horror-themed presents.

Set of Three: You'll receive three sheets in each order, making this the ultimate choice for wrapping multiple gifts that deserve a nightmarish touch.

Matte Finish: The matte finish not only adds to the mysterious allure but also ensures an elegant look for your chilling creations.

Embrace the darkness this holiday season and wrap your gifts in the sinister beauty of The Last Rite Logo Gift Wrapping Paper. It's the perfect choice for those who love the darker side of life and wish to send shivers down spines with every gift reveal.
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