A cute, adorable threat has risen!

Q-Tip and Guppy embarrassed Captain Hannity by preventing an intergalactic war with the Femen. For that, they were sent to the gas mines on Saturn’s moon Titan.

Their exile is short-lived, however, as the Femen encounters a new enemy that could be a threat to both them and the ISF. Soon, Q-Tip is juggling intergalactic diplomacy and relationship problems, dealing with a two-bit hustler and his ship’s sassy AI, and dealing with time travelers and clones of long-dead rock stars.

Can Q-Tip repair his friendship with Guppy while once again saving the galaxy? 

Warning! This book contains raunchy humor and should not be heard by those offended by:      

Internet Conspiracy Theories
Robot-on-Computer Intercourse
Geriatric Love-Fests
Clones of Elvis Presley
Cold Soup