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Manananggal vs Tikbalang Gift Wrapping Paper - Unwrap the Terror in Every Gift

Manananggal vs Tikbalang Gift Wrapping Paper - Unwrap the Terror in Every Gift

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Dare to add a spine-tingling twist to your gift-giving with our Manananggal vs Tikbalang Gift Wrapping Paper. This set of three sheets features striking patterns of these iconic Filipino mythological creatures, adding an element of thrill and intrigue to your presents. The dark allure of the Manananggal and the mysterious Tikbalang is sure to captivate the hearts of horror enthusiasts and those who relish a good scare.


Eerie Dimensions: Each sheet is a generous 28.75″ × 19.75″ (73 × 50.2 cm), providing ample coverage for wrapping various gift sizes. The intricate patterns of the Manananggal and Tikbalang create an atmosphere of mystery and fear.

Premium Quality: Crafted from 70# uncoated text paper, our gift wrapping paper is thick, durable, and tear-resistant, ensuring that your gifts remain concealed until they're unveiled.

Double-Sided Design: The front boasts a matte finish with vivid Manananggal and Tikbalang patterns, while the reverse side is crisp white. This attention to detail adds to the overall quality and presentation of your wrapped gifts.

Set of Three: Each order includes a set of three sheets, allowing you to add an element of horror to multiple gifts. Perfect for fans of the supernatural and those who appreciate a dark aesthetic.

Eco-Friendly: Our wrapping paper is eco-conscious, offering a sustainable option for those who care about both creating intrigue and preserving the environment.

Embrace the allure of Filipino folklore with Manananggal vs Tikbalang Gift Wrapping Paper. Ideal for horror fans, this paper promises an unforgettable and chilling gift-receiving experience.

Meta Description:

Unwrap the thrill and mystery with Manananggal vs Tikbalang Gift Wrapping Paper. These three thick, eco-friendly sheets feature eerie patterns that will captivate horror fans and supernatural enthusiasts. Infuse your gifts with a dash of terror and a hint of folklore.

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