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Manananggal Statue

Manananggal Statue

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🪦 The Horror Unveiled: Step into the terrifying world of "The Baby-Eater" with our Manananggal Statue. This striking, hand-painted 3D resin sculpture captures the essence of horror, bringing to life the title monster from the acclaimed novel.

🖌️ Crafted to Perfection: Each statue is meticulously hand-painted to ensure every chilling detail is brought to life. The result is a stunningly eerie masterpiece that is equal parts art and horror.

🔮 Imposing Dimensions: The Manananggal is supported by a 1/2 inch clear acrylic rod, with a base that spans over a foot in diameter. Its wing span stretches approximately 2 feet across, and it stands tall at over 27 inches, making it an imposing and captivating addition to your collection.

💀 For True Horror Enthusiasts: If you're a fan of horror and have been captivated by "The Baby-Eater," this statue is a chilling representation of the sinister world you love. It's a conversation piece, an artful horror statement, and a testament to your passion for the genre.

🌟 Own a Masterpiece: This Manananggal Statue is more than just a figurine; it's a haunting masterpiece, an embodiment of fear and intrigue that deserves a prominent place in your collection.

🌌 Unleash the Darkness: Bring the eerie world of "The Baby-Eater" into your space. Place this statue on display and let it draw curious eyes while sending shivers down spines.

Elevate your horror collection with the Manananggal Statue, a true masterpiece that embodies the terror of "The Baby-Eater." Order yours today and take the plunge into a world of spine-tingling artistry. Are you ready to own a piece of horror's essence?

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