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Intergalactic Space Force (hardcover)

Intergalactic Space Force (hardcover)

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Quentin Tipper enlisted because he didn’t want to stay a two-bit hustler like his father.  

Alvin Phish enlisted to impress his fiance’s father, the Admiral.  

Together, two nobodies become members of the Intergalactic Space Force and become...still nobodies. But when the ISF is attacked by the mysterious Femen, these two nobodies must answer the call to action.  

Warning! This book contains raunchy humor and should not be heard by those offended by:      

  • Accidental exhibitionism      
  • Mechanophillia      
  • Suicidal robots      
  • Militant Feminists      
  • Politics 
  • The music of Kenny G

Trim Size: US Trade (6" x 9" / 152 x 229 mm)
Page count: 280
Binding type: Linen Wrap

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