Newsletter November 2023 - Spectral Ink Shop

Newsletter November 2023

It's the holiday season. Here at Spectral Ink, we've been very busy this year, and we're not done yet!

On Black Friday, join me at GRR Games in Alice, Texas, for a rare autograph session! Leaving sunny Southern California is a rarity for me, making this a golden chance for East Texas residents to snag personally signed copies of our books. Hurry, quantities are limited!

Speaking of books, we published not one but two new books this year! At the beginning of the year, we published Intergalactic Space Force : The Cherub Threat, the second book in the ISF saga. The galaxy has never faced such an existential – or adorable – threat! On the horror side, we published our first Young Adult book, The Last Rite : Short Bites Vol 1 – Bloodlines. We had many young readers really wanting to read our multi-award-winning book, The Baby-Eater, but I had to tell the parents it was a bit mature. I hated telling young readers they couldn't read a book, so we wrote Short Bites for them. Less gore and none of the – ehem, adult situations, shall we call them? – but without cutting back on the scares. A spine-tingling YA collection spun from the world of The Last Rite, catering to young readers and the thrill-seeking older audience alike!

Explore our latest merchandise for the Holidays! For horror fans, indulge in stockings featuring eerie icons like the manananggal and the ferocious dog monster. Dive into our themed wrapping paper, including the hair-raising clash between the manananggal and the tikbalang. For the sci-fi enthusiasts, there are Intergalactic Space Force-themed stockings and wrapping paper - the ideal gifts for your home's sci-fi devotee!

Speaking of merchandise, our creepy-cool manananggal and dog monster statues are in the works! Sold out at LA's HorrorCon, these hand-assembled, hand-painted 3D-printed statues will soon return, and new statues are in the works! The best way to get one is to order them online or meet us at one of the trade shows or conventions.

And we will be doing more conventions this year. We've already booked our return to Monsterpalooza this summer and looking to haunt other conventions like Creep I. E. and Midsummer Scream. More news on that when it comes.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to evolve the many worlds of Spectral Ink!


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