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Intergalactic Space Force Christmas Stocking - Your Portal to Galactic Holidays

Intergalactic Space Force Christmas Stocking - Your Portal to Galactic Holidays

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Stocking. Designed with inspiration from the iconic cover of "Intergalactic Space Force," this stocking promises to elevate your Christmas celebrations to a truly interstellar level.


Galactic Design: The front side of this unique stocking proudly displays the renowned ISF logo hovering over a detailed galaxy map. It's a tribute to your love for all things sci-fi and your enthusiasm for exploration.

Ample Space: Measuring 7″ × 18″ (17.8 cm × 45.7 cm), this stocking offers plenty of room to hold cosmic surprises, gifts, and the essentials of an unforgettable holiday season.

Timeless Aesthetic: The stocking's reverse side features an off-white color fill, while the classic white fold-over cuff adds a dash of tradition to your interstellar holiday celebrations.

Easy Display: Each stocking comes complete with a loop, making it convenient to hang, proudly showcasing your passion for sci-fi as you countdown to the festivities.

The Intergalactic Space Force Christmas Stocking is designed for the sci-fi aficionado, the space explorer, and anyone who dreams of galaxies far, far away. Whether you're a devoted fan of the series or just appreciate the cosmos, this stocking is your ticket to a truly unique and unforgettable holiday season.
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